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dietary requirements bar menu

dietary requirements bar menu.
7 days a week

Delicious breakfasts served 7 days a week, eat alfresco on our decking area or relax indoors.

Catering for vegetarian, vegan and gluten free eaters.

download the menu pdf

camembert to share v gf
baked rosemary & garlic, apple chutney, mini loaf 12

deli sharing platter gf
selection of spanish salami, proscuitto ham, carpaccio of beef, isle of wight soft cheese, blue cheese, mature cheddar, fudges biscuits, chutneys, bread, olives 16.95

meze sharing platter v vg gf
hummus, beetroot hummus, baba ganoush, marinated mushrooms, roasted peppers, olives, warm pitta bread, olive oil, rosemary salt 14.95

baby beets v gf
golden cross goats cheese, walnut salad, fresh mint 8.50

mini forest arancini v
wild mushroom, black truffle & parmesan 4.95

sicilian green olives v vg gf

cheese board v gf
isle of wight soft cheese, blue cheese, rosemary goats cheese, fudges biscuits, walnuts, wild honet, chutney 9

bread board v vg gf
balsamic vinigrette & olive oil 3.50

warm pitta bread v vg
hummus, beetroot hummus, vegetable sticks 7.50

homemade pork crackling gf
grey goos & quince apple sauce 4.50

sweet potato fries v vg

fries v vg gf

stone baked pizza

margherita v gf
tomato, basil 11

chicago gf
bbq napoli sauce, chorizo, pepperoni, smokey bacon, chicken 13

carne gf
chorizo, salami, buffalo mozzarella, olives, rocket 13

capricciosa gf
ham, mushroom, onion 12

panzano v vg gf
tofutti cheese, red onion marmalade, asparagus, olives 15

light option – swap the middle of your pizza for a rocket, sundried tomato & parmesan salad extra £1
extra veg add £1, meat £1.50

Gluten free pizza bases available extra £2

caprino v gf
goats cheese, red onion marmalade, asparagus 13

luciano gf
pepperoni, chilli, stilton, mushroom 13

hula gf
pineapple, ham 12

london gf
chicken, pepperoni, bacon, white onion 13

v = vegetarian

vg = vegan

gf = gluten free